Our Story

How we met

Chengming Zhang and Tianqi Ye, two college mates from Purdue University, shared a passion for using technology to make a meaningful impact on people's lives. Their friendship and collaboration led them to work on various projects together, including founding the largest robotics clubs, Purdue Robomaster at their university.

How we started

In 2021, Chengming experienced depression firsthand, and as a concerned friend, Tianqi wanted to use his engineering skills to help him. Together, they came up with the idea of creating a simple app to help Chengming trace the source of his happiness or sadness, enabling him to better recover.

The Mission

Combining their unique skill sets, Chengming and Tianqi embarked on a mission to create a tool that could support mental health and well-being on a larger scale. Chengming's expertise in product development and machine learning combine with Tianqi's experience with time-series and generative models provided a solid foundation for their endeavor.

The mission continues ..

From this collaboration, Quokka was born, an AI-powered app designed to offer personalized, on-demand micro therapy sessions for individuals struggling with mental health issues. Driven by their personal connection to the problem and their dedication to making a difference, Chengming and Tianqi continue to work tirelessly to refine and enhance Quokka, making it a powerful ally in the quest for happiness and mental well-being.

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