Revolutionize Your Mental Health with Quokka!

Quokka! is an LLM-powered AI mental health app that offers on-demand, personalized micro therapy sessions tailored to know and understand you.

What’s a “Quokka”?

We're inspired by the world's happiest animal, the quokka, to bring joy and positivity to your mental health journey. Just like the quokka, our AI-powered app aims to spread happiness and support. Embrace the spirit of the quokka and let us help you find balance, resilience, and well-being in your life.

24/7 Affordable Therapy with Quokka!

Seeking therapy shouldn't be limited by time or financial constraints. With Quokka, you have access to an AI-powered therapist that is available 24/7, providing on-demand support whenever you need it. Our app offers personalized therapy sessions at a fraction of the cost of traditional therapy, making mental health support more accessible for everyone. Don't let scheduling conflicts or high costs hold you back from taking care of your mental health.

Discover a truly personalized Chat GPT4 experience

Start chatting with our AI therapist for personalized support, and explore our Deep Dive feature to gain insights and advice on specific mental health topics.

Topic Deep Dive

As you chat with quokka more often, Our quokka will offers a Deep Dive option that allows you to explore specific topics in more detail.

When you choose to engage in a Deep Dive, quokka will guide you through an interactive conversation to explore various aspects of the topic.

By participating in a Deep Dive, you'll gain a better understanding of the issue at hand and receive personalized recommendations to help you manage stress, develop healthy coping strategies, and ultimately, enhance your overall well-being.

Insights into your physical and mental health

Quokka will use your HRV data and other biometrics from your Apple Watch to interpret your mood changes over time.

Your Privacy Matters to Us

At Quokka!, we prioritize your privacy and ensure that your personal information and biometric data are handled securely. Our commitment to confidentiality and data protection means you can trust us to safeguard your mental health journey.

Download the Quokka app and experience the personalized support you deserve.

It's time to unlock your happiest, healthiest self!

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Discover a happier, healthier you with personalized support at your fingertips.

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